Sunday, July 1, 2012

Capricorn 3 Update from PSA

Chris from PSA has been out on the water testing the new Capricorn 3 and sent though a few photos and a great little video.

The boat now has all the bugs out of it and showing some promise so it will be great to see it out on the water at the start of the season in October.

They have been testing different rigs (AHPC & Nacra) and came up with a way of the platform being able to take any rig combo.

Go here to see the video and the boat in action.

The first platform below is up For Sale from 12K (platform only) comes with a full Harken fitout and F18 measured with boards and rudders. (Chris needs to get some money back in so he build more)

The factory currently has 3 more boats getting built at the moment for the start of the season and will be out in force on the race track.

If you want any more info or want to buy this fine looking vessel contact Chris Caldecoat at

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