Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Helping Paws

Scout helping out for the day in the back of the truck

A Class Cat and the Harken Hoister

Harken 7806 hoister storing the A Class in the roof, also makes it easy to work on boards and rudders.

Simple F18 Wild Cat Mods

These are some simple and easy F18 Wild Cat modifications that I have done to help the systems work better.
First thing to do is replace the Ronstan kite blocks to Harken 2625 Ratchamatics.
Jib Tack Cunningham line - by adding in 2x Harken 467 blocks this tidies up the system very nicely and makes the running of the line very smooth and easy to adjust.
You can see the block added into the tack ring in this photo also notice the soft shackle for the jib tack.

And the block added into the clevis pin on the bridal in this shot

Spinnaker Tack Line release – When you look under the front beam you will find the tack line cleat this cleat comes standard with a fairlead on it from Hobie. The problem with this is it actually makes it harder to release the tack line via the release string as the line needs to do two very tight 90deg turns to release; by removing the fairlead it takes the turns out and the line now releases very easily.

Tack line- I run a 10mm thimble on the side stay rather than having the line go though the eyelets on the tramp as this frees the line up more and brings the line to the skipper so he can pull out the tack line at the top mark if the crew is busy doing other jobs.

Well that’s about it for now. Hope this helps a few people out.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A class training

A Class catamaran video coming soon as i forgot to charge the batteries so will have to take more video.
Heres a teaser in the mean time.