Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Great Race 2012

The Records Tumble!!!!!!!!!
This year's Great Race attracted 61 entries from as far away as New Zealand, with a Kite Surfer jumping on a plane, Team Harken on the Hobie Wild Cat from Sydney and various yachts from Northern NSW & North Queensland all to complete this years gruelling 70km challenge.
Rigging per start
The weather was looking to do it's best to force the postponement, but with the strong wind warning cancelled and the winds and rain squalls easing it was on and looking to be a record breaking run.
There are 2 new times to beat next year: Team Harken taking the multihull record which fell from  2:57:18hrs Elapsed Time down to 2:33:32 and the Monohull time took a pounding from 3:44:48 Elapsed Time down to 2:39:58 by Steve Sherring in his foiling moth.
Up nice and close for the start

Jack Benson & Grant Pellew
A huge thank you to all the volunteers who gave up their time to help make this another successful race.
F18 Results below.
Full results here

Grant Pellew
Jack benson
AUS 25
Matt Horman
Luke McDonald
Sail Structures
Aus 177
Malcolm Richardson
Jarrod Cooh
Ullman Sails
Dale Mitchell
Jamie Leitner
Sneaky To
Warren Guinea
Adam Lahey
Nacra NQ
F18 Nacra
AUS 26
Mick Guinea
Viv Haydon
Uptown Girl
F18 Nacra
Grant Warrington

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fastways QLD F18 State Titles (Final)

The QLD Fastways F18 States Titles are now finished. It was a disapointing result in the end and had we been able to compete in every race we may well have won the event.  We missed 4 races with breakages and our worst race when we were in one piece was a 2nd. We broke two centreboards and in the last race tore the mainsail at the luff. Our results were: DNF, DNF, DNS, 1 ,1 ,1 ,2 ,DNF.

The first race was canned due to the weather while we had a good lead, the 2nd day we broke both centreboards and returned to the beach. A big thanks to Chris at PSA for the boards and my wife Katie for doing a lot of sweet talking to the courier companies, we had new boards arrive from Sydney with 10mins to spare for the next day of racing, we went out and won the two races for the day. The last day we had a 1st and 2nd and in the final race blew out the mainsail which meant we had to carry 30 points which hurt us big time in the final results.

Dale & Jamie

Mal Richardson

We had some great racing with the NQ Nacra boys who ended coming out on top. These boys were all very close in the results and it really came down to the last race to find the winner.

Thanks to everyone that helped out and the Southport YC who did a fantastic job running the event.

At the end of the presentation we pulled the youth club members to one side (along with some older ones) and had Katie Spithill do a talk to the members about all things to do with campaiganing and drive to get yourself to the top of the sport.

Final Results:

1st    Warren Guinea & Adam           Nacra Infusion
2nd   Dale Mitchell & Jamie             Nacra Infusion
3rd   Mick Guinea & Viv                  Nacra Infusion
4th   Mal Richardson & Jarrod          Nacra Infusion
5th   Grant Pellew & Jack Benson    Hobie Wild Cat
6th   Marty Webb & Kelvin              Nacra Infusion

Team Harken's #1 Fan

What was behind Grant and Team Harken's success today... Maybe the smallest cheer squad!

Team Harken's smallest & #1 fan Ellie O'Brien

Sorting out the ropes.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

QLD F18 State Titles Day 3

After a ruff start with day 1 being canned due to storms and day 2 seeing us missing all 3 races with two broken boards we have had a huge come back and are sitting in 5th spot after winning all of todays races.

I have to send out a huge thank you to Chris Caldecoat from PSA for sending us two new centreboards up over night and got us back on the start line today for the two races.

Last day tomorrow with 3 races that should be off shore on a true windward leeward course so should be good fun.

Mick Guinea & Viv

Results to follow soon.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

QLD F18 State Titles

Day 1 of the Fastways F18 States was a very interesting day on the water, after a long delay with no wind we hit the water late to start a race in 8-10kts NE breeze. The race started with Mick Guinea & Viv taking the lead off the line but were quickly run down and over taken by the Team Harken machine. The fleet closed up at the back of Crab Island as a storm front came though and brought the tail endeds up to the leaders.
By the time the fleet rounded the last mark the storm front hit with full force that flatted half the fleet with wind gusts well into the 30kt range and lighting strikes that were felt by a lot of the boats. By this time the race commitee had made the call to cancel the race. So no results were scored.

Team Harken (Grant Pellew & Jack Benson) ready to go

Regatta site - pre storm
Three races tomorrow to try and make up for the lost races today.

Monday, February 20, 2012

New Wild Cat F18 Systems

Well we have just pulled the Wild Cat back out of the shed for the the first time since the Nationals in September. We are up here at the Fastways Gold Coast Cat Week & F18 QLD State Titles getting ready to dodge the sand bars (most of which we found today) lucky the Hobie Wild Cat is built strong.

Below are a few photos of the latest set up we are running using the new T18 & T2 blocks along with some sexy Harken red ratchet blocks that we are testing along with a double T2 block I have made up.

1:2 Tack Line system (pull half as much rope)

40mm T2 and prototype ratchet block

Tack line (Blk line), Jib sheet (yellow line) and Mast rotation (red line)

Continuous mast rotation line using T18 on the side decks 

Continuous mast rotation in tramp middle using T18 blocks

10:1 mainsheet using my prototype double block

Downhaul system

T18 jib block on spinnaker pole

Jib sheet with T18 off the clew

Prototype double ti-lite block

10 miles of shock cord for all the suck away systems

I will update as the regatta goes with how everything works.

Kurnell Cat Club (Cock of the Bay) Feb 26th

Sunday Feb 26th at Kurnell Cat Club on Botany Bay we have the 'Cock of the Bay'. This popular regatta includes the marathon event attracting many of the top sailors.

Entry is $30. Briefing at 1000hrs their will be 2 short races, followed by a lunch break then the marathon around the bay in the afternoon to see who is the 'Cock of the Bay'.

For more details and NOR see the clubs web site

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Queensland F18 News

The Fastways QLD F18 State Titles are coming up fast in late Feb on the Gold Coast.There is $10,000 prize money up for grabs for the F18 fleet spread over 5 places and a lucky sail draw.
I think this could be the first event where cold hard cash has been put up for grabs in Australia for the F18 fleet.

After the States finish on the Friday they have the 'Great Race' starting on the Saturday which is a 37nm race from the Gold Coast to Brisbane which has $2000 prize money up for grabs. This is a very unique race and attracts a lot of coverage.

The Southport YC which is hosting the event is the same one which will hold the 2nd Nacra Infusion Worlds in Feb 2013, so it's a great chance to come along and check out the club and accommodation.

There are 8 boats coming down from Nth QLD and two from Sydney along with all the local boats so hope to see you up there.

I will try and post updates and photos from the event as it happens but cannot promise anything.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pulbah Island Marathon

Ten F18s joined the mixed fleet to compete last Saturday in the Pulbah Island Marathon which is a 40km race around beautyful Lake Macquarie. A inconsistent light southerly tested the concentration and tactical skills of all the sailors.
The course was shortened at Wangi Point as the breeze completely died and the back of the fleet caught up with the leaders. The lead changed many times on the long sail back as different sides of the lake got different breeze. The fleet were surprising close at the end of the long race with only three seconds between the two leaders and many others boats finishing within seconds of each other.

Congratulations to the winners Grant Rogers and Neil Moxham who finished three seconds ahead of Brett and Lachie White. Six of the F18s were sailing with teenagers onboard which is great for the future of the sport. We welcome Troy and Jordon Atkin who have just bought a Tiger and raced with us for the first time.

Pulbah Island Marathon Results

1st Grant Rogers and Neil 3:25:22
2nd Brett and Lachie White 3:25:25
3rd Grantly Pellew and Dave Fisher 3:27:45
4th Glen and James Towndrow 3:31:04
5th Connor and Ian Simpson 3:31:32
6th Grant Bow and Scott 3:33:23
7th Bruce and Bridget Gunn 3:33:35
8th Leanne and Stuart 3:33: 51
9th Terry and Andrew 3:33:52
10th DNF Troy and Jordon Atkin

2012 Viper National Titles (by Brett Goodall)

Report by AHPC: A perfect performance from Team Magic Marine - Carolijn Brouwer and Brett Goodall, at the last day of the 2012 Viper Nationals.

Starting the day being 2nd with 11 points, behind Jason Waterhouse with 7 points, they had to do everything in their power to come out the winners of this event, and they did.

In light and shifty conditions the fleet had still 3 races to go. Straight from the start Carolijn took the lead and did not let it go. While the rest of the fleet was struggling with the shifts and pressure differences, turning the positions 2 till 7 upside down and back in matters of half a leg... Did Carolijn manage to secure her first position. Greg Goodall took his 'free out of jail'-card sailing from back in the fleet to being fifth at the last top mark, to finishing 2nd. Very much to Adam Beattie’s dislike, who battled the whole race for that second position and ended up being 3rd, still in front of Jason Waterhouse who ended up with his drop (4.00).

The second race, was pretty much the same. Carolijn and Brett took off to leave the rest of the fleet battle out the other positions. This time Adam Beattie, again defending his second position, lost it again, ending up 5th this time, behind Adrian Fawcett coming second, Jason Waterhouse third, and on a photo-finish together with James Wierzbowski taking the 4th position.

Marja van Helden (Adam Beattie's crew): "It was so hard defending your spot, especially downwind, were we would sit in nothing and the rest behind you just comes down with a breeze line, and there is just nothing you can do. Very frustrating from time to time, but even more respect for the consistency Carolijn was sailing with today."

With Carolijn winning these two races it all came down to who would win the last race. So Jason and Carolijn started to matchrace each other before the start. A start that was won by Jason Waterhouse, who made it first to the top mark, followed by Carolijn Brouwer and Adam Beattie. But Carolijn fought back and got the lead over Jason, who in his last upwind was past as well by Adam Beattie. Making Carolijn Brouwer and Brett Goodall the 2012 Viper National Champions.

As I said, a perfect performance from Team Magic Marine - Carolijn Brouwer and Brett Goodall.

Congratulations to them and congratulations to Team Magic Marine - Adam Beattie and Marja van Helden, with their 3rd position."

(And to the guys who came second…Ed)

Overall positions after final day of racing:

1 Carolijn Brouwer
2 Jason Waterhouse
3 Adam Beattie
4 Adrian Fawcett
5 Greg Goodall
6 James Wierzbowski
7 Liam Goodall
8 Don Dull
9 P. Boutonnet
10 G. Weeks

Brett Goodall

Hobie Wildcat For Sale

2011 Hobie Wildcat

Australia's most successful F18 is for sale

Just letting you know the Hobie Wildcat of Jason Waterhouse is for sale if anyone is interested here is the info:

the current Formula 18 national champion boat
the current Formula 18 state champion boat
one year of age
fantastic condition and tricked out

-$19,900 without trailer
-$21,900 with trailer

For further information please contact me at:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Palm Beach Sailing Club 50th Birthday Bash

One of Australia’s most successful Multihull clubs is celebrating 50 years on the 11th of February.
If you disagree you will just have to come down to the club on the day and discuss the matter…

Program for the day; 1100hrs BBQ brunch and rego, 1230hrs briefing for a 1300hrs start. 3 maybe 4 races back to back. No charge Palm beach registered boats. $10 for visitors.

For more info on the day check out the web site

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sailor Spotlight (Benson)

Benson @ the A Class Nationals 2012
Name:  Jack Benson
Age:       24
Home Town / Club:        Darwin Sailing Club
Class:    A-class, formula 18, just about anything multihull
Years Sailing Class:  9 years racing
Favourite song:                   Crossroads, Tracy Chapman
Favourite food:                  Fresh fish
Favourite Place to Sail: Botany Bay
Most Rewarding result (where & when):   3rd place overall and 1st junior, 2010 Cesenatico, Italy
Why this class: The a-class currently has some of the worlds best sailors competing in it and formula 18 is the largest cat fleet in the world.
Funniest moment on boat: The first week of trying to learn how to trapeze down wind on the A-class.
Who do you sail with (training partners):  Steven Brewin, Chris Batenberg
Why Harken:  Light weight and reliable
Favourite Harken product:  The T2 series
Goals:  To win an open world title and make a career from sailing
Closing comment:  Always have fun cause if your not enjoying it then why are you doing it.
2012 Sail Sydney Regatta