Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Class layout (Part 2)

So I kind of left you hanging a little after the last post showing the set and never showed what was going on under the tramp.
I spent the weekend cleaning up my hulls with the boat upside down so took the opportunity to snap a couple of photos (sorry no video this time)

What we have going on under there;
Foil control - Blue line; what I have done is made a cascade system (using 2x 2161) as this gives the extra purchase without the friction of the larger blue line doing more turns, it also limits the amount of rope I need to pull for full AoA. It's a continuous line (4mm Marlow Excel Control) lapping the whole tramp with a simple take up in the middle aft.
Foil Control cascade
Rotation Line - Yellow Line; Again continuous loop with a very simple aft take up. The take up from this is also the take up for the righting line at the other end.

Overview of the mess
Also under here is the tramp shock cord and a Black righting line that you can see taking off from each side of the front beam. 

Now that I have shown this I should say I plan to change it all soon as it's too messy and can be done better.
I'm thinking about removing the righting line all together as I can use the rotation line or something else to right the boat. (Or just don't capsize!) 

Will up date when this happens. No rush at the moment as it's more important to spend time on the water sailing tweaking those foiling skills.
I have only had 9 days on the water sailing since I re launched in February and we are already seeing more stable flight with speed. My boards are a little further aft than most people which I think is making it a little harder downwind to get the stable flight but I think it has also helped me keep my upwind speed. 
It's like everything the more you practice the better you go.