Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fastways QLD F18 State Titles (Final)

The QLD Fastways F18 States Titles are now finished. It was a disapointing result in the end and had we been able to compete in every race we may well have won the event.  We missed 4 races with breakages and our worst race when we were in one piece was a 2nd. We broke two centreboards and in the last race tore the mainsail at the luff. Our results were: DNF, DNF, DNS, 1 ,1 ,1 ,2 ,DNF.

The first race was canned due to the weather while we had a good lead, the 2nd day we broke both centreboards and returned to the beach. A big thanks to Chris at PSA for the boards and my wife Katie for doing a lot of sweet talking to the courier companies, we had new boards arrive from Sydney with 10mins to spare for the next day of racing, we went out and won the two races for the day. The last day we had a 1st and 2nd and in the final race blew out the mainsail which meant we had to carry 30 points which hurt us big time in the final results.

Dale & Jamie

Mal Richardson

We had some great racing with the NQ Nacra boys who ended coming out on top. These boys were all very close in the results and it really came down to the last race to find the winner.

Thanks to everyone that helped out and the Southport YC who did a fantastic job running the event.

At the end of the presentation we pulled the youth club members to one side (along with some older ones) and had Katie Spithill do a talk to the members about all things to do with campaiganing and drive to get yourself to the top of the sport.

Final Results:

1st    Warren Guinea & Adam           Nacra Infusion
2nd   Dale Mitchell & Jamie             Nacra Infusion
3rd   Mick Guinea & Viv                  Nacra Infusion
4th   Mal Richardson & Jarrod          Nacra Infusion
5th   Grant Pellew & Jack Benson    Hobie Wild Cat
6th   Marty Webb & Kelvin              Nacra Infusion

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