Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Class Foiling Mods

It's been a while between posts but I thought I should share the latest updates I've done to the A Class for the foiling generation. I'm hoping to start posting here again more and more so stay tuned.

The start of this re fit was the scary part when I had to take a 4" grinder and start hacking into 26K worth of boat, but once you start that is it you are committed. Hey at the end of the day there is always a professional boat builder down the road that can fix anything I muck up.

So I've taken my 2011 DNA and added the Exploder Z boards and T rudders to the boat. Me being me just could not copy everyone else and make it the same so I've made a couple of changes in the set up of the systems.
The Master at work / Spare boat in roof in case it all goes pear shape

The main changes I have done is add in a HD spring to pull the board forward and run the purchase system inside the case rather than on top of the deck, this gives a clean low windage deck. I also played around with the foil leads to different parts of the boat but the current one with the cleats near the boards seems to be the best.

Boards have been moved 70mm out and 75mm forward

Cutting the old case out. Hole at the front is where the arm goes in to cut the bottom of the case out.

The part that took the longest was the measuring and re measuring before cutting, i really took my time in doing this as i only wanted to do this once and make it as light as I could without going to far and it all falling apart on the first sail.

Grind out all the old case to save weight

The new board case is just stuck in with Sikaflex with some laminated at the top.

Foam glued in to save weight filling in the gaps before the carbon was laid over the top. Nomex removed and solids added where the screws will go for the slider plate. 
Almost finished product

Internal workings, I have gone up a spring size since this photo.

Exit hole for the foil control.

The first sail was good, the rudder set up felt very nice and the rest of the boat felt just like it was last time I sailed it. There was only 6-8kts of breeze but I still got a little bit of foiling happening so it felt very promising. Heading out again this weekend after a few adjustments so we will see how it goes and fingers crossed some more breeze.

Pretty much ready for testing but far from finished.

This has been a great exercise to re test my boat building skills and learning process about foils. Still a long way to go to get the finished product but the end is near in the building part. The learning part will never stop.

More to come soon.


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  2. Hi im Gabriele from italy. i have read the post about dna modification. YOU DID A GREAT JOB ! I have a Dna 2011 me too and i'd like to do it myself. Please can u help me with a detailed guide? if u can My mail is I work in a Shipyard and i have no trouble finding fiber carbon, resin etc. i hope u read this post. best regard.. Gabriele