Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Capricorn Mk3 (F18) by PSA

The first photos of the new re jigged Capricorn Mk3. Not sure on the final name for the new boat but this will be found out in time.

Put together by Chris (Kringle) Caldecoat from PSA with some help from Martin Fischer. They have taken the old Capricorn design and given it a face lift for 2012.
Basically they have added 30mm down the middle to give some extra volume then moved both beams and the forestay attachment point aft 100mm.

Hope to see some sailing photos soon where we will give it a good run next to the Wild Cat to see how the proformance really is.

They have come up with some neat ideas that will be tested also within the systems on the boat. These we will go into after testing.

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